Month: March 2012

First Quarter Report: You, Inc.

You see, the key with achieving success with your finances is very simple: you need a plan (goals plus specific tasks) and you need to execute on that plan. Only you can run You, Inc. No one else cares as much and no one else can do a better job. Not your parents, your friends, or the government. It’s all on you.

Informe de Primer Trimestre: Tú, Inc.

Verás, la clave para lograr éxito con tus finanzas es muy simple: necesitas un plan (objetivos y tareas específicas) y necesitas ejecutar ese plan. Sólo tú puedes correr Tú, Inc. Nadie se va a preocupar más que tú y nadie más puede hacer un mejor trabajo. Ni tus padres, tus amigos, ni el Gobierno. ¡Depende de ti!

3 Lessons From Manning-Tebow

However, I think there are some lessons we can learn from this Manning-Tebow situation with regard to our management of finances. You see, your income is your most powerful tool to build wealth and you need to be prepared for managing the changes that come your way with regard to your work.

3 Lecciones de Manning-Tebow

Sin embargo, creo que hay algunas lecciones que podemos aprender de esta situación de Manning-Tebow con respecto a nuestro manejo de finanzas. Entiende que tu ingreso es la herramienta más poderosa para generar riqueza y necesitas estar preparado para enfrentar los cambios que van a venir en la vida con respecto a tu trabajo.

3 Steps To Survive Tax Madness

Unfortunately in March, there is another kind of madness. It is time to start working on filing your taxes. I have not met a single person who enjoys preparing taxes or paying taxes. However, it is something we have to do and as a teacher told me a long time ago: the best way to get started on a task is to accept that it has to be done. So let’s get on with it.

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