No Thanks (5 Financial Products I Don't Use)

5 Financial Products That I Avoid

Teaching and coaching involve sharing knowledge on how to do certain things. In the case of personal finances we can focus on how to do a budget or how to get out of debt. But it is also important to share what not to do with your money. So today’s coaching post is devoted to what products to avoid in your financial plan. Here are 5 Financial Products That I Avoid:

April is Financial Literacy Month

April is National Financial Literacy Month, that time of year we set aside a few minutes to learn how money really works and apply new-found lessons to our financial lives. This year I am honored to be working together with over a dozen Personal Finance Bloggers to promote financial literacy with 2-minute videos about a variety of topics such as Kids & Money, Roth IRA, or what do you do with a room that has no room? We will share a video each working day in April.

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