Problems with Managing Money? I Have Been There, I Can Help

Keyboard_Help-300x225Do you struggle with managing your money? Do you have too much month left at the end of your paycheck?

Are you stressed with the amount of debt you are carrying? Are you worried about saving for retirement or paying for your kids’ college tuition? Is money a source of stress in your marriage?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, I have good news.

You are not alone and there is a way to turn things around. I have been exactly where you are.

Here is a picture of my household’s financial picture 7 years ago:

  • Had a very good, stable job, with great income. But… we were living paycheck to paycheck. Using credit cards to make up the difference every month.
  • Had almost $50K in unsecured debt (car note, credit cards, student loan, etc.).
  • Had no plan to pay for college for our son except to consider student loans.
  • Had no savings for emergencies.
  • Had very little in retirement funding and no structured plan for savings.
  • My wife and I we were not working together as a couple.
  • We realized we were not honoring God in the handling of our finances.

I realized that we needed help. In the Fall of 2005, our church offered a financial class (Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, FPU) and I attended the 13-week course.

As I shared with my wife what I was learning, we started to apply biblical principles for sound financial management. We began a life transforming journey for our family.

I can thankfully share the positive impact of that decision to get help 7 years ago. Here is where we are today:

  • We are living on a budget. We have a plan for our finances. We have learned to live on less than we make.
  • We paid off all of our unsecured debt ($50K). It took us 29 months.
  • We have a 6 month emergency fund.
  • We were able to pay for our son’s college without borrowing money and without him borrowing money.
  • We have a structured approach for retirement savings.
  • We are honoring God with our handling of finances.

I firmly believe everyone is capable of being successful with their finances and sometimes it is just a matter of getting a little help.

Don’t wait and act now to start your journey towards financial wellness!

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