Month: November 2012

See you on the other side Zig!

For me, I will always remember how much Zig loved God and how generous he was with his knowledge. I got to see him live only once in Austin, TX a couple of years back. He was in declining health but his joy and sparkle were still very much there.

Reducing the Risk To Your Financial Plan: 7 Required Types of Insurance

What is the role of insurance? In simple terms, insurance is the tool that is designed to protect you and your family against what might happen. When you have the right level of insurance coverage in place, you are transferring the risk to another entity (an insurance provider) and you pay a premium for that risk transfer. If you think about it, insurance works like an umbrella works when it rains. The umbrella does not stop the rain, but it keeps you from getting wet. Likewise, having the proper insurance won’t stop an event, but it will help you weather the storm and minimize the impact to your finances. So what types of insurance do you need?

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