15 Tips for Saving Money

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Do you struggle with saving money on everyday purchases? As you seek to get your finances under control, it is quite possible you are running into trouble with a few categories on your budget.

As I recall our own journey towards financial wellness my wife and I ran into that problem.

For us there were 3 categories where the spending fluctuated greatly: groceries, restaurants, and recreation/entertainment.

I know these areas could be a challenge for you as well and I wanted to help.

The Bible says that in the abundance of counselors there is victory (Proverbs 11:14), so over the last week I have been asking the fans/followers of Figueroa Financial on Social Media to share how they save money in these categories.

So with their help I give you the 15 Tips for Saving Money:


  1. Use coupons.
  2. Shop with a list and only get those items on the list.
  3. It’s ok to get the store brand. In many cases, the items are as good as the name brand.
  4. Don’t go shopping when you are hungry. You will want to buy anything and everything!
  5. Use cash (envelope system). When the money runs out, you stop shopping. 🙂



Yes, it is ok to eat out even when you are on a budget. Just make sure your spending is consistent with your take home pay and that you plan for it in your budget. In addition:

  1. Look for special offers like “2 for the price of 1”.
  2. Couples: Order an appetizer and share a meal.
  3. Drink water. This is cheaper than drinks, tea, or soft drinks and water is better for you anyway. 🙂
  4. Use cash (envelope system). When the money runs out, it’s time for leftovers. 🙂



  1. Movies
    1. Go to the first show of the day, or a matinee and save on the full ticket price. One of my readers say that he and his wife do this on Sunday mornings on a weekly basis as their “date day”. It is cheaper and it helps your relationship!
    2. Looking for a rental for a home movie night? Redbox offers rentals for about $1 (if you register with Redbox, you get coupons via e-mail). You could even do an internet search for “coupons” and find some coupons for free movies (it might apply to other items as well).
  1. Watch out for special deals at parks/museums. One of my readers indicated that she watches for the “Dollar Days” at the local Zoo.
  2. Books
    1. Don’t buy the hard cover edition of a book. Wait for the paperback edition.
    2. Shop at a store that resells book at discounted prices (like Half Price Books). You can find a great selection of used books at great prices.
    3. Get a library card from your local library and take advantage of the opportunity of borrowing a book.

What other saving money tips could you share with us?

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