Winning With Money: It’s a Mind Game

Winning with Money: Mind GameHow easy is it for you to master a new skill?

How quickly can you absorb all of the different things you need to learn?

I recall a couple of years ago when I moved into a new role at my company.

Prior to that job change, I had pretty much the same type of role for around 8 years.

I knew how to perform that previous role almost mechanically.

The transition was not easy.

Over just a few weeks I had to switch gears, learn what I needed to know and at the same time execute on what was required day to day.

It was overwhelming and exhausting at times.

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Lessons from a Young Samurai: It’s a Mind Game

This learning process brought to mind a scene from one of my favorite movies, “The Last Samurai” starring Tom Cruise. Watch this short clip:

The young Samurai clearly outlined my problem. It was a mind game. I felt in the trap of “too many mind“.

Too many new tasks to learn, too many meetings, too many fires to put out. How did I deal with it?

I had to do a reset and make a list of things to do and then I had to prioritize them.

Having a list of items, each with an associated priority allowed me to put the right focus and effort to be successful.

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The Application to your Money: Prioritize your Efforts

The trap of “too many mind” can also affect your ability to win with your money. As you look at your situation you might think that it’s too much to handle.

You have to do a budget, you have to save for emergencies. And then what about college and retirement?

Do I have the right kind of insurance? Where do you put your energy or focus?

Before you drive yourself crazy, let me give you some encouragement. Winning with money is also a mind game.

You can break down the task of financial management into smaller steps.

You can then prioritize those steps and focus with great energy on one task at at a time so you can gain traction

Today it might be just simply learn how to do a budget, or finishing your beginners emergency fund.

Or perhaps your great focus today and for the next few months is paying down on debt and other things can wait.

So What?

Yes, you need to address all of the elements of  your financial plan, but you can do it in priority order.

Set your mind on the right track. Go from “too many mind” to “one mind“. Focus on winning with money, one step at a time!

“Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It’s courage that counts.”
John Wooden, UCLA Head Basketball Coach

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