Blessings of Budgeting

How do you view the topic of budgeting? Is it for you something that should only concern politicians at the state and national level? Is it something that conjures images of a straight jacket or some other mechanism to control your freedom to spend your money? Or is it something that you feel is beyond your ability to do?

Whatever your situation, I have to tell you that in order to win with your money you first need to learn how to manage it. And the best way to manage your money is with a monthly budget. As I look back on my financial journey, having a working budget was the key to turning my financial situation around.

Budgeting is simple but it takes effort and determination. However, I can promise you it is totally worth it. When you determine to get on a budget every month here are the blessings you can expect:

  • You will finally have a plan for your money.
  • You will have an objective way to discuss money matters with your spouse.
  • You will gain insight into your spending patterns.
  • You will learn to live on less than what you make.
  • You will get control over your money.
“A budget is people telling their money what to do, instead of wondering where it went.”
John Maxwell

Presione aquí para la versión de este artículo en Español.

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    1. Brent,

      Thanks so much for the comments! Originally started writing in English. Earlier this year, I started writing in Spanish as well as it is my first language and I wanted to reach the Spanish speaking audience. I also have a 4-week seminar on financial topics which I have recently translated to Spanish.

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