Month: December 2012

The Longest Christmas

If the 2012 Christmas season will be an extended one for you, resolve now to pay cash for all of your Christmas expenses in 2013. Christmas is scheduled again for December 25 so it should not be a surprise to anyone. Start planning now:

La Navidad Más Larga

Si la temporada 2012 de Navidad será uno extendida para ti, debes resolver ahora a pagar en efectivo por todos tus gastos de Navidad en el 2013. La Navidad está programada de nuevo para el 25 de diciembre por lo que no debe ser una sorpresa para nadie. Comienza a planificar ahora:

Collaborating for Wellness

Wellness here generally refers to an appropriate balance in ALL FOUR areas of Wellness: Personal, Physical, Financial, and Environmental. The basis of Winning thru Wellness is the results which are achieved by focusing on (or not neglecting) a balance in ALL FOUR of these areas in ones life.

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