Can You Learn to Handle Money?

Can You Learn to Handle Money?It’s a good time to ask this question since April is designated as Financial Literacy Month.

If you have always struggled with your finances, you may think that you can’t learn to handle money. The reality is that we all can learn something new.

Let me give you an example. Lots of kids learn to ride their bikes at an early age, maybe 5 or 6.

In my case however, I was 9 years old and I still had not learn to ride a bike for a number of reasons. So obviously, I needed some help.

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Learning To Ride

My mom got re-married and we just had moved to a new neighborhood. I did not know anyone yet but then I met Nelson.

Nelson was one of those kids that didn’t seem afraid of anything. He learned I had a pretty much brand new bike that I was not riding and he could not stand it.

Summer break came and he insisted that he could help me learn to ride my bike. I wasn’t so sure but I was really ready to ride my bike. So I let him give me a few pointers and give me a push.

The first time, I felt great, I kept my balance for a little while. I could hear Nelson encouraging me and yelling behind me. I did crash that and then I could hear him laughing but it wasn’t an evil laugh. It was just funny how I crashed. I was laughing too.

But I had rode my bike for a while. I was encouraged so Nelson helped me to try again a few more times. A few more crashes but I did get better at it, I did learn to ride my bike.

What about You?

What’s keeping you from handling money well? Is it your family history? Is it the number of times you have tried and failed? Is it because you don’t know where to turn?

Sometimes you just need a little help. I can coach you and teach you how to handle money better. I know what to do because I had to learn it myself. Like Nelson helped me, I can help you.

There is no better time than the present. Think about all the things could do now only if you had control of your finances.

Think about all the things you could in the future if you just could get on solid financial footing. Think about all the good you could do if you were able to give and bless others.

Financial Literacy Month is the best time to learn how to handle money.

Question: What are you waiting for? 

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