3 Reasons You Should Prepare a Will

Last Will, TestatmentDo you have a will? If not, you are among 50% of Americans with children who have neglected this important step (Yahoo Finance, May 2012).

So what are some of your reasons for not dealing with this issue? You might think it is costly (it is not), or complex (it is not), or that simply you don’t have anything to leave to anyone so you don’t need a will (oh but you do).

Or you might just not want to think about your own mortality. However, the reality is that we will all face death and the sooner you face that fact, the better off you will be. So here are the 3 Reasons you should prepare a will:

  1. Because it puts you in control: If you die without a will, the state takes over deciding what happens with your property. The state already has too much say in what happens in our private lives. There is no wisdom in leaving the disposition of your assets to the government.
  2. Because it is simple and cost effective: You don’t need a high priced estate lawyer to do this. For most of us it is really a simple process. Personally I used an online service that provided my wife and I with the required state specific forms for our wills. It just took a few hours and less than $50 and we are able to put our last wishes on paper.
  3. Because it shows love for your family: Imagine if something were to happen to you. In the midst of the grief and sorrow of losing you, your family also has to deal with the legal ramifications of what to do with your assets. Don’t leave a problem behind. Love your family to the end by taking care of your will preparation today.

What other objections or questions do you have about preparing a will?

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