Frightful Finances?

Frightful FinancesAre you one of those people that really gets into the Halloween celebration?

You spend a lot of time deciding on your costume and you love to attend a Halloween party.

You might be one of those that fills the house with candy in preparation for all the trick or treat visitors.

On the other hand, you might be one of those people that looks forward to Halloween just so you can watch the all weekend horror movie marathons.

After all for you, watching Michael Myers, Jason, or good old Freddy Kruger never goes out of style.

Speaking about scary things, you might prefer to spend the night in a haunted house than 30 minutes looking at your budget for the next month or thinking about what will happen when you reach your retirement age.

And if you watch too much CNN or Fox News, you might conclude that winning with your finances is a terrifying and impossible proposition.

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But just like there is a way to deal with a werewolf or with a vampire, there is a way to deal with your frightful finances.

  • Afraid of not having enough money to cover your bills every month?
    • You need a plan for your money before you spend it.
    • Prepare a budget every month before the month begins.
    • You still have time for the month of November and it is easier than you think.
  • Afraid of all the consumer debt you have piled up?
    • Afraid of what new fees banks will create to take more of your money?
    • There is a way out of the bondage of debt.
    • You simply have to decide to live a different way.
  • Afraid of the next time the car breaks down or the furnace goes out?
    • You would not be afraid if you had 3 to 6 months of expenses saved away in an emergency fund.

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  • Afraid you wont’ have enough saved for retirement and that Social Security won’t be there?
    • There is a way for you take charge of your retirement.
    • You need to be saving 15% of your household income into retirement every month.
    • Of course, that’s a lot easier when you have a budget that works and your money is not constantly going to pay credit card bills or car loans.
  • Afraid you won’t be able to cover college expenses for your kids?
    • You can put a plan in place to save $2,000 per kid every year and have it grow tax free.
  • Afraid of the housing crisis and a foreclosure?
    • You can put a plan in place to pay off your house early.
    • Nothing will give you more peace than the security of a paid-for house.

To deal with your frightful finances you need two things: knowledge and the will to act.

I can help you with the first one and I can coach you through the second one. But it is really up to you.

You can choose to live in fear and worry or you can decide to take control and begin the journey towards financial peace and freedom.

“Whoever is slothful will not roast his game, but the diligent man will get precious wealth.
Proverbs 12:27 (ESV)

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