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Savings: The Long Term View (Part I)

As parents, we are compelled to take care of our kids in every possible way. For most of us, that includes covering the expenses of a college education. Education is critical to success in the market place and typically college graduates tend to have more options for employment. So the question is not: should you pay for your children’s college costs; the question is how to best accomplish that goal without putting your future or the future of your kids in jeopardy.

If I Knew Then…

As you look at your finances, do you ever think about the decisions you made and wonder if there is a way to alter that timeline? Well, I can’t tell you how to go back in time but I can share some of those mistakes I made with money and also share how to correct them going forward. Hopefully, I will catch you just in time.

Lessons (Un)Learned

So what is it going to take? What else needs to happen before you take action? You may not be able to solve the NFL labor dispute and you probably don’t have the means to slow down the credit card usage in San Antonio or Dallas. And I am guessing you don’t have $14T laying around to get the US out of debt. But you do have the means and the ability to get your household in order.

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