New e-book Now Available: 7 Principles for Financial Success

Hello everyone! I am very excited and thankful to announce that my new e-book, “7 Principles for Financial Success” is now available for purchase on Amazon for $2.99. The book is also available in Spanish (“7 Principios para el Exito Financiero”) also at Amazon. Please share this great news with your friends and family and thank you for your continued support!

Savings: The Long Term View (Part I)

As parents, we are compelled to take care of our kids in every possible way. For most of us, that includes covering the expenses of a college education. Education is critical to success in the market place and typically college graduates tend to have more options for employment. So the question is not: should you pay for your children’s college costs; the question is how to best accomplish that goal without putting your future or the future of your kids in jeopardy.

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